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Here is the recipe of Turmeric Date energy balls:

🟠1/2 cup of dates
🟠1/2 – 1 cup of almond flour
🟠1/3 cup chia seeds
🟠2 tsp OMG Turmeric Blend

Easy Directions:

🟠Blend/Mash dates in blender or food processed until paste
🟠 Add OMG Turmeric + Almond flour and blend.
🟠 Scoop in 1 tbsp and roll into balls
🟠 Roll in sesame or coconut

✨ Ready to serve and enjoy. Note that this can be stored in fridge.

Thank you @sarahfifi for sending this healthy DELISH snack recipe our way, we tried, tested it and loved it.

PS: our customer sometimes like to add Whey protein or even powder collagen to the mix.

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