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Stock up on your OMG blend and continue your daily superfood routine!
Get 4 packs and save AED50!



How To:
Try it in water, preferred milk, coffee or smoothies! Stir, blend or better yet froth to combine with your favorite hot or cold drinks. Enjoy daily at any time.


Turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.


Our 70g resealable pouch of a flavorsome ready-made turmeric latte blend can be enjoyed as a latte, added to smoothies, cereals, protein bowls, energy balls, and whatever else you prefer to use it in. The mix is vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly, and organic. There is no sugar, sweeteners, or additives.

Contains 15 – 30 daily servings.
(Varies depending on ½ or 1 tsp).


Having been an integral part of Southeast Asian cuisine for centuries, this superfood, turmeric, has recently made a name for itself globally as an ultra-superfood for its countless health benefits. OhMyGold is a household staple due to its affordability and positive impact on overall well-being, bringing you a ready-made blend that’s healthy and easy to use. Turmeric is the ultimate superfood for skin and gut health, used for centuries in Ayurveda. It can help with bloating, reducing inflammation, and supporting immunity.


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